Terms and Conditions



All our card are handmade to order, so may vary from the images on the site.  This means that no two cards will be exactly the same- that is what makes them unique.


  1. There is no minimum order amount.

  2. In the event of cancellation, please let us know at your earliest convenience.  If order is partially processed or completed, the required 50% deposit will be retained.

  3. When you confirm the order by signing a proof and paying the deposit, stock is ordered within 24 hours - therefore refund of the deposit is not possible after this period.

  4. On completion of order, the oustanding balances plus the postage/delivery to be paid in full.

  5. The card inserts are printed in black on matching coloured paper or cardstock. (depending on the thickness)

  6. Each card comes with a matching handmade envelope or envelope box.

  7. When ordering, please ensure you order all your items together - this way we will order in a batch that matches.  We cannot guarantee that future orders will be exactly the same colours.

  8. All prices are subject to price increase at any time.  This does not, however, affect any order already confirmed.

  9. Payment: We currently only accept payment by EFT.  Please contact us for details.  Proof of Payment to be sent via e-mail.

  10. All items produced for you will have a name "Handmade with Love" on the back of your item.  This logo is for product branding and copyright reasons.

  11. Proof/errors.  Once we have received your signed proofs, or an email confirming your approval of the proof, we accept this as  confirmation that the design and wording of the card is as your require it.   If an error is made by us after that date, we will of course amend it free of charge.  If the error is found to be yours then any additional charge must be met by you, but may we remind you that the final responsibility is held by the person signing the proof.

  12. In the unlikely event your items are faulty, please notify us within 48 hours of receiving them.

  13. All prices are exclusive of postage and packaging.

  14. Delivery: Please contact us for details.